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2023 Sustainability Working Group

On 9 June 2023, the first 2023 Sustainability Working Group was held at Link Sustainability Lab, where Construction Industry Council (CIC) and RESET Carbon (supported by Gammon Construction) shared updates on the latest developments in carbon assessment tools and low carbon construction materials.

The meeting was kicked off with a tour of the Link Sustainability Lab which provided participants with a unique opportunity to see latest innovations in sustainable building practices and technologies first-hand.

CIC then shared the latest features of the CIC Carbon Assessment Tool (CAT) and its embodied carbon calculation methodologies. Participants were invited to give feedback on how to improve the CAT in terms of data submission, user friendliness, database, and future functions. The discussion also focused on ways to assist property developers in reducing Scope 3 emissions.

RESET Carbon introduced a new concept of a "Buyer Group for Low Carbon Construction Materials" to drive member collaboration and create demand for low carbon construction material value chain. An open discussion followed to explore the next steps in identifying low carbon partnerships along the supply chain and developing criteria to improve carbon performance through technical specifications.

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