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Sustainability Working Group

The second Sustainability Working Group discussion with the theme of Low Carbon / Green Building Materials & Technologies was organised by Hongkong PropTech Alliance on 22 July 2022.

Reducing embodied carbon is one of the biggest challenges for the real estate industry. Real estate developers have a big role to play in radically cutting down carbon emissions from both building construction and operation. Enhancing the usage of low carbon materials for building construction and interior fit-out are equally critical to reaching net-zero targets.

In this forum, Gammon Construction and Nano and Advanced Materials Institute (NAMI) were invited as the guest speakers to share their decarbonisation approach, the latest technologies on low carbon concrete and rebar, and the associated challenges in material sourcing and product development. Member representatives have discussed their journey in adopting low carbon materials and technology.

Hongkong PropTech Alliance will continue to facilitate conversations among its members, the industry experts and the Government to explore topics including low carbon material sourcing and carbon emission calculation.

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